Copper Road, a comic by Christopher J Paulsen

Strip #1 - "Women in fighting games"
Strip #2 - "I hate this family!"
Strip #3 - "Goblin punch!"
Strip #4 - "Popcorn flicks"
Strip #5 - "Vincent unleashed"
Strip #6 - "It skips a generation"
Strip #7 - "My one weakness"
Strip #8 - "Fantasy Football"
Strip #9 - "The Princess"
Strip #10 - "Unsportsmanlike Conduct"
Strip #11 - "The New Villains"
Strip #12 - "Trick or Treat!"
Strip #13 - "Secret Service"
Strip #14 - "Thanksgiving overload"
Strip #15 - "Holiday shopping"
Strip #16 - "Snow day"
Strip #17 - "Blizzard party"
Strip #18 - "Blizzard fun?"
Strip #19 - "Happy New Year?"
Strip #20 - "Tunneling"
Strip #21 - "Third-person shooters"
Strip #22 - "Crush"
Strip #23 - "Snow Snow Snow"
Strip #24 - "Level Level Level"
Strip #25 - "One track mind"
Strip #26 - "Spring!"
Strip #27 - "Fast food?"
Strip #28 - "Lillipup"
Strip #29 - "V.I.P."
Strip #30 - "The Walking Resolution, Part 1"
Strip #31 - "The Walking Resolution, Part 2"
Strip #32 - "It's great to be a kid!"
Strip #33 - "Don't sneeze!"
Strip #34 - "Gummies"
Strip #35 - "Kid metabolism"
Strip #36 - "Trampoline"
Strip #37 - "Coupon"
Strip #38 - "Boldly going forward"
Strip #39 - "It's smarter inside"
Strip #40 - "Bedtime, Yvette!"
Strip #41 - "Life"
Strip #42 - "Mixologist"
Strip #43 - "On-Cue Corruption"
Strip #44 - "Topaz Lane"
Strip #45 - "Cutie Marks"
Strip #46 - "Too darn seasonal"
Strip #47 - "Thonning"

copper road

What is Copper Road? Well, Precocious has a rather large cast and a central group that is quite insular - some people get left out. Have you wondered what happens to the *other* side of the Precocious classroom - the one ignored by the Gemstone crowd? Man, I hope so, because I present to you Copper Road, a new strip wherein Kaitlyn is the eye of the crazystorm. (And you thought I was joking when I said in her bio that she was the central character in another strip!)

Ahh, but there's a catch! To see the latest strip of this new comic, you have to throw me a vote on TWC (click the banner to do so). I figure there's no better vote incentive than a new original comic! Every vote helps Precocious, and this way I get to *really* reward those who help out.

As I need your vote, I am not inclined to give this milk away for free - but I am going to whet your appetite with the first few Copper Roads! If you want the *latest* strip, you gotta vote. Why is voting so important? A good ranking helps attract new readers and it makes me feel good about myself. Knowing people care enough to vote is *my* incentive to keep producing all this stuff. Another reminder: On TWC, you can vote for all your favorite comics once per day. That means you can vote for Precocious and all your other favorite comics as well.

A new Copper Road appears every week, usually on Monday or Tuesday. (I'll update the banner with the date, of course.) Strips may be delayed a bit to go up on the first of the month, as that's when the TWC counter resets and votes are the most important. I'll update this area every month or so with old strips, just for the new readers who were late to the party. Hope you guys enjoy Copper Road!